Can you paint my pet in real life at a sitting? We are an online group of artists, unfortunately those lovable pooches won't sit still for longer than 5 minutes, it's the same story with herding cats! or trying to control a 600 pound carthorse to continuously stare at you! It's much better and simpler to send us your favourite photo, preferably in HD-high definition format with your order number, then we can get motoring .....

Can you draw my pet with a humble pencil? or is it just Renaissance Oil Painting Masterpieces!? We are happy to draw your lovable pooch in pencil, take a look at the wonderful pencil examples on our website. If you want to go the full monty though..... our oil paintings our really really good! renaissance quality at prices you can afford, how does that sound? Are you in?

How do I send you the pet photos? Easy, just email them with your order number to 

Pet4.portraits@gmail.com preferably in HD format if you can, but please keep the file size below 10MB. Otherwise our servers may blow with the sheer gargantuan file size!

Can I post my pet photos to you? I'm not very good at this modern internet super highway stuff! Sure just pop it in the post to our address at 11 Belmont Drive, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 6JZ. If you are not into using post mail as yet, that only came in about 90 years ago:)..... then you can send a pigeon instead, we will give him some sunflower seeds and a saucer of water and send him back safely!

Can you do me a portrait of two pets but from two different photos? No this is completely out of the question, how do you expect us to maintain our artistic integrity under different lighting conditions. Only joking, this is absolutely fine, we can work with different photos, as we know it is tricky to get two cats or horses in the same photo at the same time without causing a severe bust-up!

Can I specify a certain style of oil painting? If you want a special style, please send us a photo of a similar oil painting in that style, we will do our very best to replicate that style. We can do almost anything! It is much better if we can see what you mean visually, unfortunately we can't deal with requests like "make it look funky, but not too contemporary" or "I want it to be really detailed, but not too photographic", we are all budding artistic geniuses, but unfortunately we are not mind-readers! so please send us a photo of another painting of the artistic style you want.

How many artists do you have? We are a small cosy team of 3 artists, we work well together and we keep our customers and their pets happy this way too:)

Where are you based? We are all based in Merry Old England, the admin is done from Maidenhead near West London. We have plans to move to somewhere artistic and epic like the hidden mountain Kingdom of Bhutan, but it hasn't happened yet.......it will one day.

What happens if I don't like my pet portrait? We have never had an unhappy customer, however if you for any reason you are the first, then we won't hold it against you, we can refund your purchase 100%. We will send you photos of it, for checking, before we dispatch it to you.

Where do you deliver to? We deliver worldwide free of charge. 

How do I pay? You can pay by paypal or all major credit cards and apple pay on this website.

How long does it take for my pet portrait? You should allow between 3 – 5 weeks from commissioning your portrait to receiving it. Your artist will usually have completed your pet's drawing within 2 weeks, if it is an oil portrait then within 3 weeks but since oil paints need time to dry, we then allow a further 2 weeks for your dog’s painting to have dried sufficiently before we can safely deliver it.