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April 06, 2017 3 min read

There are numerous artists and painters available plying their industry on the web, providing a large range of pet portraits in a range of water colours, pastels, oil painting or charcoal and pencil. The most critical and very first choice you should make is to look for a dog portrait artist whose design you like, not just good colours and shading, but has the artist captured the heart and soul of your dog? Are there good reviews from recent customers and do you look the style of the portraits?

Most people recognise instinctively who is able to reproduce the very best similarity of the dog but - which may be the second-most crucial stage - however many designers perform from pictures that are provided by the owner, we are no different, therefore ensure that you've quality pictures of your dog to deliver. Your favourite snap of Fido mightn't be ideal for your selected artist to operate from. It might not do your beloved dog justice, if you send us a low quality photo, your chosen artist really wants to enhance within their work. Consider acquiring some new ones should you not have really a great image. you can be usually advised by your selected artist.

As a common principle, try to get 3 or 4 pictures which are true-to your dog's natural image. Try a really a warm morning with a bit of sunshine to avoid the images obtained having  dim shadows. Ultimately, consider taking your pictures together with your back to the sunlight. Try to get your dog interested so it is looking slightly away from the camera the dog's eyes are crucial to capturing the heart and soul of the dog and we ideally need both eyes visible. 

At this time you'll also wish to begin taking into consideration the dimension of one's portrait and undoubtedly this really is where price truly comes in. Other elements have to be resolved here also, like if you like several Portrait pets within one picture, ie multiple pets in one painting or drawing, would you like a dog in uniform or natural?

Getting dimensions right first, so that you can appreciate your dog picture for years to come and cherish contemplating your beautiful dog, so you have to select a dimension that best shows your dog. Ultimately you don't want the face to dominate of just one dog, if you are having multiple dogs painted, so it might looked squashes if you choose a smaller size to convey the personalities of several dogs.

The back ground can be selected by us, grey and blue are great for background on oil paintings, so background is normally not an individual selection. 

Mounting and framing is one that is difficult and we always leave that choice to the customer. As a general rule oil paintings should not have a glass or reflective covering as this will prevent the picture being viewed in all it;s glory and wonderful detail. Also an unskilled framer can sometimes chip the paint when framing if using glass.  Your picture framer and our best advice would be to obtain a price from your own selected picture framer. 

Our best advice to anybody considering buying a dog portrait  would be to do your research first but always choose the artist whose style you like best. Although commissioning art can be likened to any other purchase, in the case of art it is a very personal choice based on how you feel about the quality of the paintings, so if there is only a small price difference between one artist and another you should always choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

We always do everything we can to ensure you receive the ideal pet picture and we have never received anything but five star reviews from all our customers!