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Head and shoulders or full body? which one for my pet portraits?

August 30, 2016 2 min read

When you are selecting what dog or horse painting it is really a matter of personal taste and choice, we give you plenty of options to choose from.

One of the options is whether to go for head and shoulders or full body, the head and shoulders is the cheapest and most popular option, you get to see the majesty of your gorgeous pooch or horse (or even a cat oil portrait) on display, the heart and soul of your favourite pooch or horse is captured, it is more up close and personal and you watch the eyes follow you around the room. look at these two examples below from our fine art horse portraits.


Look good don't they!

It is easy to see why so many customers choose the popular head and shoulders option, it also has a slightly more modern feel to it and it's less work and time for our fine artists.

However you can also go for a full body picture, so get that classic old style look, and admire your pet from afar, the old masters were expert at capturing all the details for a full body picture, but it's not that common for our customers to select that option. Most people prefer the closer empathetic relationship that the head and shoulders portrays, and it's really easy to feel that closeness, you almost want to reach out and stroke the mane of your favourite treasured equine.

Other options are you go for really close in on your photo, like this cat oil painting where the owner chose a really close up for the head, the result is magnificent.