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April 06, 2017 2 min read

Can you imagine how charming and wonderful a portrait of your pet would be? Indeed, it'd be considered a special present specifically to the pet lover. Generally, we capture the image of our pets like cats, dogs and horses which makes an excellent picture gift for that special someone. 

Because of the introduction of technology, you can now procure the services of a skilled fine artist who focuses on pet portraits. So now you also enter into an agreement regarding your ideal pet portrait without having to visit a famous artist or art gallery/store if, you live inside a large city like London, you might find plenty of galleries available, but there still be a shortage of fine artists who are willing to paint your pet at an acceptable cost and you still have the costs and time for travelling to meet the gallery or artist. One advantage of the internet is just to look online, as you are able to check the quality of the dog portrait pictures. Thus, working with an artist online is easier and quicker.

However, there are some features of finding an artist through the Internet that you will want to watch out for. Are they a member of an association or guild that promises quality and customer service? (We are members of the Fine Artists Guild) Also if you elect to get a fine artist to paint your pet portraits through an online arrangement, you should send your furry friend's image to them by email.  

In getting its picture for one or more pet portraits you need to be innovative and patient. Do not bother, because it is a waste of time to sit your dog still in front of the artist whilst he/she paints for 7 need a photo! The reason is that pets tend to be more comfortable in your house and they are not that good at sitting still when you want them to! You may even be better waiting until he gets tired. Then, that is clearly a great time for you while he's slumbering or relaxing to take some pictures, however not with his eyes closed, as the eyes are the window to the soul.

It's also good advice to turn off the flash since the majority of creatures are vulnerable with it and it may also may discourage them from posing for a second photo!. Some photographers use an artificial light to improve the individual subject although not us at pet portraits. Natural light remains the best selection for us, and it is useful to obtain a superior look and quality for your painting or drawing. Thus, to prevent a harsh midday sunshine look, we would recommend you photographing in the earlier morning or late afternoon. The concept of colours should also be noticed in the selection of the background. Do not forget that a light coloured pet is better aimed using a darker background as well as the dark - coloured one is excellent together with a lighter background.

Send or add the favourite image towards the chosen artist's website. He will quickly work with your pet photographs and get to work!

You will be thrilled when you receive your ideal pet portrait in the post.