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February 09, 2017 1 min read

We prefer really good photos if we can get them, however if you want it as a secret gift then maybe it is tricky for you to get great photos

So here is an example of where we had to work from poor photos. See what you think of the pet portrait, actually it is not one of our best examples, but we are still proud of what we achieved based upon the photos. However, we want to be really honest with you.....the best photos will result in the best results for you.

dog portrait

Dog drawing

Actually this was nice photo!

Dog portrait

This wasn't too bad either


But this was the photo that was really tricky


dog painting


So we asked for another one...

dog drawing

and that is him in the middle, so that is all we had to go with....

dog drawing

overall the customer is very happy and that is all that matters :)